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Contact CfSA

All enquiries about the work of the CfSA should be directed to:

Annette Smith (Chair) T. 07771 994780


Lesley Butterworth (Treasurer and Company Secretary)

c/o NSEAD, 3 Masons Wharf, Potley Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9FY

T:+44(0)1225 810755



Twitter: @C4Subject_Assoc 


CfSA Twitter Policy

This document sets out how the Council for Subject Associations uses Twitter.

Who tweets?

The @C4Subject_Assoc Twitter account is managed by the CfSA board. 

Following and retweeting

The CfSA core role is to support subject associations and  the CfSA will follow all member associations and retweet relevant tweets e.g. notification of conferences, events and publications.

If you follow CfSA we will not automatically follow you back. CfSA will follow educational organisations and individuals relevant to the work of the organisation. 

What is tweeted?

As part of the service to subject associations:

CfSA will use Twitter to ask for comments/contributions from members to inform CfSA responses to consultations.

CfSA will tweet when new items are added to the CfSA website.

CfSA will tweet about events CfSA holds e.g. the AGM and the speakers at the AGM including photographs and slides.

CfSA is mindful in tweeting of the diverse membership of subject associations.

CfSA is politically neutral and tweets will respect this stance.


The CfSA board voluntarily follow the Nolan principles for conduct in public life.


Annette Smith on behalf of the CfSA board

October 2016


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