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What is the Council for Subject Associations

What is a subject association?

Subject associations are normally membership organisations, often registered charities, whose mission is to further the teaching and learning of a specific subject or area of a subject in schools. They are independent of government; though often share a number of objectives. All subject associations share the unifying concept that they are interested in promoting quality in education and believe that this is done by supporting teachers and recognising and enhancing subject specialism.

What is the Council for Subject Associations?

The Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) is a membership organisation and chartable company by limited guarantee set up with the support of the Department of Children Schools and Families (DCSF) to act as a single voice for its subject association members.

The creation of the CfSA came about in 2006 when the then Department for Education and Schools commissioned the Subject Associations Working Group (SAWG) to make a case for a single organisation to work with and support the subject association community. So compelling was the case put forward for a representative body to support the subject associations that the DfES appointed a consultant to work with the subject associations to prepare the constitutional basis and organisational structure of the CfSA.

The CfSA was officially launched on 20th September 2007, with the appointment of its first staff members taking place in January 2008. The first full boards of directors, elected from nominations made by subject association members of the CfSA, were voted in during March 2008. Following the General Election in May 2010 the CfSA and the demise of various quangos with which the Council had worked closely as a consultant it proved no longer possible to employ staff.  Nevertheless the Council continues to function on a voluntary basis with the strong support of member associations.

The CfSA currently has over thirty member associations. These members specialise in over twenty different subject areas and cover varying stages of the curriculum. However, even though the member associations of CfSA have different specialist interests, by definition, they also share a number of deep commitments and concerns.

More information about our member associations and the benefits of joining them can be found in the membership section of this website.


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